Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit checks electronically - without leaving your office!

With our remote check deposit service, you can deposit payments in your Home State account without having to visit a branch. Using a desktop check scanner,  you'll simply scan checks as they come in and send them to the bank over a secure Internet connection.

Greater flexibility and simplicity.

Our system can scan your checks and payment coupons. Once your deposits have been scanned, the system can also interface seamlessly with your accounting system and post your payments automatically.

Save time. Cut costs.

Make your money work harder.

- No need to copy checks and prepare deposits - no deposit slips!

- No time wasted visiting the bank

- Eliminate courier fees and unnecessary travel expenses

- Automatically archive digital copies of your checks

- Research customer payments in real time, improve customer service

- Speed up your deposits, strengthen your cash flow

- Extended deposit deadline for same-day ledger credit

- Deposit and consolidate payments received in satellite offices

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Audrey Ketchum
Vice President
Cash Management