Online Security

At Home State Bank, your security and privacy are our top priorities. That’s why we have protected our website 24/7 with many layers of online security. With password controls, SSL encryption, digital identification and a powerful firewall shielding our computer systems, we’ve built a strong wall to keep intruders out.

Now, we’re adding new technology and a new procedure for logging on that will provide even more protection.


A more secure way to log on for online banking

In our system, instead of asking for both your user name and password on one web page, we’ll start by asking only for your user name.

After clicking on the “Submit” button, you’ll see another screen where you’ll enter your password.

On that second page, you’ll also see a special “PassMark” symbol and “PassPhrase” – a secret symbol and an easy-to-remember phrase that you’ll select when you enroll in the new system. Each time you log on for online banking, when you see this symbol and phrase, you’ll know that you have reached the genuine Home State Bank Online Banking log-on page.

To add another layer of security protection, when you enroll in the new security system, we’ll place a small file – called a “cookie” – on your computer. Each time you log on after that, we’ll recognize the computer you usually use. You’ll also be able to log on from another computer. But when our system does not recognize that computer, we’ll simply ask another couple of security questions – just to be sure it’s really you!